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April 11th 2024
Uniting Visionaries of OC

The RHYME to the reason

Discover new opportunities, connect with industry leaders, and be inspired at this exclusive outdoor event in Orange County!

We understand that there has been a shortage of in-person events in Orange County recently. That’s why we’re putting in a lot of effort to create an engaging and interactive experience that will enable you to connect with industry experts, gain specialized knowledge, and build meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals who share your interests.

Friendly - Social - Limitless


We are excited to announce the very first Build It 2024 event, which promises to be an exceptional networking experience for anyone looking to build their network in the real estate, design, and construction industry.

It will be held outdoors and bring together the most brilliant minds in the field to socialize and network.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level in 2024, this is an event you don’t want to miss!

Event Date: April 11th 2024

Expanding your circle

We are working towards a more interdependent future - It starts here

Project Gallery

Walkthrough a gallery projects

Relaxed Atmosphere

No expectations or agenda - just a gathering of visionaries

Food and Drink

Grab a glass and a meal while you socialize

Spectacular Views

Located cliffside - Get a view of the area we all work hard to improve

Guest Speakers

Motivation & Mindset are key elements our speakers will focus on

Curated Professionals

A list of individuals we have encountered over the last 8 years

Follow up strategies post event

Easily get in contact with the people you met if you miss the chance

As a value-based company, we are constantly working on ways to do what others aren’t.

Our goal last year was to host an event with zero sponsors or partners. We didn’t expect just how much went into executing an event like this, from gathering the right speakers to selecting meals that fit everyone’s diet. It was a challenge. Long story short, we accomplished this goal, but what we also didn’t expect was the willingness and participation of our fantastic audience. They came, they learned, and they CONNECTED. They built a new road in their business or even laid the foundation for future partnerships.

This ultimately inspired BUILD IT 2024

Dedicated to providing value

Previous Event

Inspired Moments Await

The Location

We wish pictures did this space justiceā€”a massive turfed area overlooking the mountains and ocean of South County will be the backdrop for the evening. The 700 sqft courtyard will host a gallery of projects and a spot to grab a drink, all surrounded by market lights. This spot has more to offer than we need, but sign up for our email updates to hear more about what we are planning.

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