Flip of the Month

We recently were awarded "flip of the month" by Civic Financial services for our home renovation and wanted to take the chance to brief people about the market heating up in Malibu.

We acquired the property at the beginning of 2022 for $2,050,000. We put in a total of $224,202.42 and exited roughly three and a half months later for $3,225,000. We are making a Gross Profit of $950,797.58.

We replaced the front entrances, sidelight windows, and front door. We improved the curb appeal by replacing a window pop-out with an eight-foot grid pattern window. We also reframed the roof to an A-frame pitch, added new and improved light fixtures throughout the house, and repainted the interior and exterior, giving the crisp new look.

Projects/offers like this are hard to come by, but with Malibu's sustainable and upcoming market, we needed to jump onto this opportunity as quickly as possible.