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Business Strategy

To pursue properties that reflect real estate market inefficiencies and then increase the value of homes in the community with our residential development, rebuilds/renovations, and custom home building.

New Development

Purchased land and build new homes. We go through the engineering, architecture, surveys, and pay city and school fees necessary to build. Once these homes come to market, they bring value to the community.

Real Estate Investment

Having the opportunity to own a tangible asset that can provide returns to the investor once the project is completed. In addition, these returns have a non-causal relationship with stock market returns. It is important to have diversification in one’s financial portfolio.

Custom Home Build

We build to suit our client's goals by sitting down and listening to the vision that they have. We team up with the architects, and interior designers to build the home of our client's dreams through our contracted building staff.

Digital Media & Technology

Established Revere Media with current mission of helping a local community in Huntington Beach, CA. The internet, software, social media, and technology are so pervasive that we can’t remember having ever lived without them. Our goal is to display passion and opportunity in rebuilding our community through these platforms.

Rebuilds / Remodels

We do rebuilds/remodels of existing homes. These Orange County properties, with the intent of improving, increase the value of the original structure.


We acquire land or properties with an existing structure for in-fill development, especially where the site is currently underutilized. If you are a real estate broker or salesperson we are always interested in acquiring new properties.

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We own and operate Revere Media Group LLC, our marketing and advertising firm, whose specific focus is to create unique and luxury branding for each project. We use several platforms to market our newly completed homes and create the need for buzz in the community. In addition, we team up with seasoned local real estate professionals to sell our projects at top dollar.

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All of our development type projects are purchased collectively between our own firm’s funds and private investors. Our investors have the option to either participate in the project profit spread or have a lending position. Our project durations are anywhere from 12 - 24 months. We are always encouraged by the opportunity to help grow your wealth.

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