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Revere Real Estate Development Co. focuses on investing and improving Southern California coastal cities through urban in-fill development, custom home builds, and residential remodels. We’re always looking to obtain new deals and projects while working with fresh, trustworthy investors and subcontractors. We are currently managing many projects, ranging anywhere from ground-up construction to new builds to renovations. Revere was established out of coastal Southern California. Our development team has 8+ years of experience, totaling 57 projects, bringing in over 180+ Million Dollars in real estate. These projects entail everything from building custom homes to urban infill development. We pride ourselves on quality, efficient, and innovative work and all of our clientele and investors can vouch for us on our behalf.

This company was founded and constructed by our Principal, Nick Lind. Mr. Lind truly has a passion and prowess for real estate development. He has always looked to improve and innovate the community through real estate. Teaming up with young and astute Project Manager; Trenton Waters, our company has found a groove separating us from contenders. From the attention to detail with our custom homes to the knowledge we convey on our social media platforms, we put intentionality around being a resource to our community. Revere Real Estate is not only devoted to expanding and improving the aesthetic of coastal Southern California but also to be an asset and resource to the community, spreading knowledge to any homeowner or any future homeowner out there. Since we are always looking to broaden our scope and horizon, we feel that the beautiful coast of California is the perfect canvas.

Our Partners

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Infinity Bank
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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

— African Proverb

Meet Our Team

Nick Lind

This company was founded and constructed by Nick Lind. Mr. Lind truly has a passion for creating real value in residential property.




Nolan Clark

Nolan Clark is a Chief Financial Officer for Revere Real Estate with a strong background in real estate.

Chief Financial Officer



Trent Waters

Trent is a Project Manager for Revere Real Estate. He has extensive experience in the construction industry.

Project Manager